Registration by: email and on-line registration form(not yet available)

Deadline: 23:59, 02.16.2014 (Sun)
#1.Not availablefor on-site registration !!!!!!!
#2.Register order doesn’t equal to yourcompetition order.
#3.If you can’t get to the venue on-time , pleaseinform your contact detailed in the registration sheet.
#4.If there’s any question about thecompetition , you can also E-mail to [email protected] for information.
E-Mail Registration:

Registration sheet: Download
After finished the sheet, please send it to [email protected], we will send a reply mail since we received your registration ASAP.
When the competitor list was announced, please check your register information again to make sure there is no any mistake.
If you have any question want to ask, please send email to [email protected]
Competitor name:
Please write the real name on the registration sheet, you can also use the name on your passport.

Please write your given name first, and family name after.